About Solarphage

This is the place where I post my pictures

I'm a programmer at a video game publisher. In my spare time, I like to take pictures of the natural world around me.

Typically I will go hiking somewhere, camera in hand. I might go out of my way to find good material to take pictures of, or I might focus on the hike and just take pictures of things along the standard route. In either case, I'm trying to grab hold of that outdoor experience and capture a bit of it to look at later.

I use a variety of equipment, ranging from a digicam to a 4x5" field camera. The digicam is so convenient I can keep it in my laptop bag and take it to work every day. The 4x5 can capture amazing detail, and I really enjoy the whole film process. It feeds my inner geek. In between I have a Canon 5D rig, with a variety of lenses. It is by far the most fexible of the three systems, and using it feels the most natural.

I don't claim my pictures are art, or earth shaking, but I do hope you enjoy them.