Rocky Blooms
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Rocky Blooms - 2008-05-26 14:28:37
This picture, combined with the previous one illustrate the problem with trying to figure out what a place is like based on photographs. This morning I went hiking around the trails out at Inks Lake. It's 6 or 8 miles of trail next to a small lake. Most of it is kind of like the above. Pink granite (aka Texas Red) outcroppings with small islands of vegetation. Often, that vegetation is prickly pear. This time of year, there are wildflowers everywhere they can grow. Sometimes you go through wooded thickets, but when I think back on what I spent 2 hours walking through, what I think of is exposed granite hillside. If I had to pick a single picture as the "keeper" from my hike, it'd be the thistle one. That was in a tiny clearing within 20 feet of the water, with almost no granite in sight. Not representative of all, but it's something that tickled my fancy. If you look at my photos of Pedernales Falls State Park, you probably don't get that it's a bunch of sunblasted hillside alternating with live oak thickets and cedar brakes. The stuff that makes good pictures usually isn't the stuff that makes good hikes. I suppose it's a corollary to the rule that bad weather makes good pictures. About the only place where I seem to take pictures that are close to the overall hiking experience is the Barton Creek Greenbelt.